Life Lately

I can hardly believe it's November. This year seems to have flown by quicker than any others. Soon enough it's going to Max's birthday and then Christmas. It's unreal to think that he's now in year 1 and soon to be 6 years old. I tend to spend a lot of time sharing photos on Instagram rather than here so I am going to be summarising with a new series called Life Lately. It's more like a diary than what the rest of my posts are.

The past few weeks have been a mix of rushing around and relaxing. We've had Halloween parties full of traditional games like apple bobbing and trick or treating. Max spent time with his grandparents, it meant me and Scott got some rare time together. We popped to the cinema and saw The Girl On The Train which was really impressive, Scott spent most of the movie in shock at what was happening.

Now the weather has turned a bit colder, we have spent more time snuggling on the sofa watching old movies. That's not to say we don't go out, we have racked up an impressive amount of candies on Pokemon Go and found some awesome Geocaches on the way. Kicking leaves seems to be our past time in the autumn and luckily the walk to school is full of them!

With Max's birthday next month and Christmas looming, I've been trying to burrow away presents for everyone. I'm lucky that I have nearly finished and the rest of the gifts are hand made so I can spend my evenings relaxing and making. We still haven't worked out what we are going to do for his party yet but I'm sure something will happen.

This week we are settling back into a routine. Max is back at Stagewise and I've got back into the freelance/part time working routine. I've got lots I want to do before Christmas so it will be a mad rush of clearing out and setting up!

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