Power To The Bump.

As many of you know, I worked with the Equality and Human Rights Commission earlier in the year on their Power To The Bump campaign. A campaign where they wanted to highlight maternity discrimination and what mums and employers should be doing to ensure as comfortable a pregnancy for everyone involved.

Since launching the campaign, they have managed to raise an incredible amount of awareness for young mums to be and the campaign was even highly commended in the PR Week Awards a few months ago.

Moving forward, the EHRC have now teamed up with the Royal College of Midwifes to produce a Youtube video with 5 of the most common questions asked about pregnancy in the workplace. These include questions like "when is the best time to tell my employer" and "my work is making me stressed". These videos are perfect for parents to be that are unsure of what they are entitled to and how to approach the subject with their employer.

If you are concerned about your workplace rights as a new parent or parent to be, then please pop over to the EHRC Power To The Bump site for more info on your rights.

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