The Ordinary Moments - Boscombe Pier

With the weather turning colder, it's getting harder to find moments that we can go out and explore. A couple of weeks ago we headed to Boscombe Pier with some school friends for an hour to watch the surfers. 

We love Boscombe Pier. It's a short walk from Bournemouth pier, normally a lot quieter and there are lots of things to discover and play with as you walk along the pier. They have integrated musical instruments along the pier for children to create music with. Some of them are placed in a way that you can play seaside songs, whilst others make sounds that remind you of the ocean.

We love taking a moment to unplug and do something simple like watching the surfers ride the waves. Boscombe beach is a popular destination all year round so there are always plenty in the water. The kids absolutely love watching them dance around the waves and us adults love spending time near the sea air. 

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