#LittleLoves - Books, Scarves and Showtunes Galore.

Recently these weeks seem to fly by and blur into one. I can hardly believe that it's Friday already and so I've decided to join in with the Little Loves linky from Morgana at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. We've had a bit of a mixed week with some testing times from Max, mainly with his lack of sleep. But I think we may have cracked it (3 nights successful sleep in a row!)


This week I have been struggling to finish a book called Rag Doll by Daniel Cole and finally turned the last page today. It's one that isn't out yet and would probably go down well with others, but didn't rock my boat. I think it's because I tend to struggle to read books with a male protagonist. Having said that, it was written well and I didn't guess any of the hooks and twists at all.

I did however get a fantastic delivery at work of amazing books and I'm currently trying to work out what to start with. THUG has been on my reading list forever and I adored Lisa Williamson's last book.


I haven't watched much this week beyond trash TV in the background as I'm working. I have however been watching film trailers and have just booked my tickets to see Hidden Figures. I can't wait to see this movie. Films about women in STEM careers are far and few between and this seems like such an amazing one.


I haven't pulled out my sewing machine for a while, but if you've seen on Facebook and Twitter we had a bit of a last minute craft session! We had to pull together something for Max's dinosaur project at school so created Peter the Pterodactyl, whilst it won't win any awards, a lot of love was put into that (over a bowl of cereal!).

I've also been trying to make some more time for me. I spend my life running around trying to sort things out for everyone else, that I fall on the bed at the end of the day and realise that I did nothing for me. I've been taking an hour out of my day to read or listening to my favourite album.


I am obsessed with scarves at the moment. I tend to layer up when I'm on the school run as by the time I'm on the walk home, the weather has changed. It's also really mixed temperature wise at work so I tend to leave a scarf on the shop floor to use as and when I need it. I'm loving this one from Zara and will probably pop in and grab it when I go to town next. It's like a giant blanket!


I am obsessed with showtunes at the moment. I went and saw Rent last week and absolutely loved it so have had that soundtrack on repeat alongside some more modern ones like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen (video is below-don't tell me you aren't in love!). As Max is doing Joseph with his drama group, we've had that on repeat on his CD player which is fab. I didn't realise I still knew all the colours to the coat!


Whilst the cold wind is making it almost unbearable to leave, we've been trying to unplug and spend more time singing, dancing and playing with the toys in Max's room. It's so nice to put away the tablets and TV remotes. I'm also loving how Max is getting into what I loved at his age. We spent an afternoon listening to songs from musicals and singing together and it's so lovely to know that I'm passing on my interests to him. Me and Scott have been looking at going away for a weekend and I can't wait to settle on something and have it booked.


  1. Max's dinosaur is fab he looks very proud of it in that photo. I saw the trailer to that film it does look good I love a film that's based on true events. Have a nice weekend x #LittleLoves

  2. Oh jealous of your book haul! I wouldn't know where to start either. I've been loving my scarf this week too! It's so cold here. Enjoy your weekend xx

  3. Love that you're passing your love of show tunes onto your little one. Mine definitely needs to put his tablet down more often and does love singing and dancing so perhaps it's something I could try with him. Good for you making time for yourself. Have a great week!

  4. Scarf looks amazing love the colors. Always great to have a last minute crafts. Absolutely love that photo at the beginning with the balloon. Beautiful view. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. #littleloves

  5. The craft project looks fab and I know what you mean about making some time for yourself, its so important. You can't beat layering with scarfs and I do love Zara. Commenting on behalf of Morgana and myself #littleloves