Yes, He Is A Drama Queen.

I remember when I was a child, my drama group were my best friends. When I started I was a shy, nervous kid that loved to sing in my bedroom. I felt a mixture of awe at seeing all these fantastic people around me but also an overwhelming fear of not belonging. Obviously that fear subsided pretty quickly and my drama friends became the core of my friendships. My confidence grew and performing was one of my greatest loves. 

When Max was born I knew that I wanted to get him involved with drama in some way or another. In fact he took to the stage at 8 months old with my best friend at my drama groups last ever performance. I knew that it would instil a confidence in him that no other activity could and I spent ages trying to find the right school. One that encouraged, was inclusive and had family values at the heart of it. 

Max has never been a shy child. Since he has been with Stagewise though, his confidence has flourished. He can handle unknown situations, loves being in front and behind the camera and just knows what he wants. Whilst this can get on my nerves when I'm trying to battle bedtime with him, I also know that the confidence he has gained will be key for when he is an adult.

School has equipped him with his English and Maths skills but I can't credit them fully for his communication skills. He has always been great playing alone or working as part of a group. But being part of a drama club has made him think about working with others and being part of a team to achieve something. He's had to learn that practice makes perfect and I can hear him singing away to himself most evenings as he learns his lines.

He's made countless friends and takes pride in everything that he does. Performing on stage gives him this boost that leaves him grinning from ear to ear. Those little eyes scouring the crowd for us, each song more projected and presented than the last one. He can't wait to run through the doors of his lessons each week. Running wild with the boys and playing nice with the girls. Being a drama queen that I fully embrace.

Performing isn't for all kids, but for most it can give them a confidence boost like no other. I love that Stagewise welcome you in like you are part of a family. They aren't pushy and kids can work at their own pace as they learn and find who they are. I feel like Max has really found his people (can you find your people at 6?). Being on the stage has given him the boost to really express himself and believe in himself.

He might decide in a few years that drama isn't for him. But for now, I'm loving seeing how my little thespian grows.

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