Turning Tears Into Smiles

 Max is your stereotypical rough and tumble boy. He loves nothing more than getting muddy, jumping on things, climbing trees and feeling invincible. And whilst he loves those moments where he achieves that dream of climbing the tallest rock, or catching the ball in the bush of nettles, the tears come crashing when he realises he is hurt.

Of course there is only so much that mummy can achieve with a cold compress, kiss and cuddle. We try and play it down, make Max realise that sometimes cuts and bruises are there to help us learn that the tree might be too tall for now. He's had his fair share of hospital appointments to realise when things can't be fixed by my kisses. However I try and rely on the magic of the plaster. That small little bit of protection that makes them feel invincible once more. 

There's something about a plaster with a favourite character on that makes things ten times better. Elastoplast are normally the go to brand for us, mainly due to the fact that having a plaster of a Jedi seems to make him feel like he is one again. But also because I can just throw the box in my bag and forget about it until the next time I need one. 

Cuts and bruises might fade, but the cuddles and kisses better will be memories that last a lifetime. 

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast

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