I Handed In My Notice

It's something I didn't really think I would write anytime soon, a far off idea that floated around in my head like a dream. But a few weeks ago I handed my notice in to my boss so I could become a fully freelance Social Media Manager.

Whilst working in a bookshop has been a childhood dream, sometimes those dreams don't always live up to expectations. I needed to find a job that was as flexible as I could make it. For 6 years I have done an evening shift that has left me not putting my child to sleep, missing out on school assemblies and generally feeling like I've not been there.

I can't deny that my time at Waterstones has been amazing. They supported me through university, Max going to school and were there for every achievement I made blogging wise. I've made some of the best friends and authors, run amazing events, sat on award reading panels and been fortunate to have read more books than I could even count.

I can't say I wont be sad to go, but I also can't say I will be either. For all the highs and amazing things, I've ended up stressed, over worked and more importantly feeling undervalued in the workplace. I know that my job is only retail, but it's one that I've put my heart and soul into, hoping to climb the ladder and make a career of it. Until I found out that they assumed I wouldn't ever make management. To be honest, I want a career where I feel fulfilled and valued and retail just wasn't for me anymore.

Both me and Scott are going through a period of work changes, he's off to do management training at another company and whilst I don't want to disclose too much of his details, it's left me in a position to go into freelance life full force. Since my Digital Mums training has completed, I've worked tirelessly for different companies and clients to work on my social media skills and finally work towards being my own boss.

It's a completely scary venture. One that I've cried over, worried about and had such a big bag of emotions that I'm still not sure it's the right choice. But I'm ready and I'm excited. With one week to go, I can't wait to fit my time around my family and truly find work that works.

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