Stocking Fillers with Sports Direct

I always find gift buying either simple of mind bogglingly tricky. For someone such as Max, I generally have a good idea about what I can get him. But for people like Scott, it's a whole different ball game. So when BritMums challenged a few bloggers to find gifts on Sports Direct I thought it would be a breeze. Except we only had £30 to spend and we had to try and spend less than £5 per item.

Fortunately I think I did quite well. I was blown away with the amount of stuff on the Sports Direct website. I went into the challenge thinking that I was going to find exactly what I needed straight away. But after an hour I was still struggling to get my basket down from £65 to £25 (I saved £5 for postage). There was a staggering amount of gifts that I didn't even know existed, let alone things that I never realised Sports Direct sold.

I knew I had to buy some stocking fillers for Max and a birthday present for his best friend Rubi, but I also wanted to challenge myself to find something for Scott too as he is so tricky to buy for!

The present for Rubi was the first thing to jump out at me. At £6 this Project and Draw set is perfect for her as she loves arts and crafts and I'm pretty sure she won't put it away! The next thing that jumped out at me was this gorgeous Star Wars flat peak cap for Max. Since going to Disney, he has become obsessed with Star Wars. And with a Christmas list that is filled with Darth Vader and co, this hat at £4 was a no brainer.

Carrying on with the Star Wars theme, this colour your own speaker for £5 (ignore the price label!) is a perfect craft thing to add to his presents that won't break the bank. Max adores playing music on his IPod, so this is a perfect little gift for him. I also saw this Donnay mini basketball set for £5 and thought it was a fab gift. Living in a flat, we don't have much space for ball games so this is a perfect gift that won't break any windows and will feed his sports obsession.

After ticking off Max and Rubi, I decided to try and find something for Scott. I'm fed up of buying him socks and smellies and the teams he supports aren't top teams so I assumed he would be tricky to find. That was until I decided to browse the teams on their site and struck gold. With him being from Portsmouth, he is an avid Portsmouth FC supporter. He has the official match strip, watches them play when he can and basically loves them.

So when I saw this small crest Portsmouth FC t-shirt for £5 I literally jumped for joy! The trickiest person to buy for all of a sudden was the easiest! I've not taken it out of the packaging yet, but it looks to be a nice quality and one that he can wear with pride that won't get boos when we walk around Bournemouth!

The total for all of my gifts (plus postage) came to just under £30 and I was blown away by the amount that I managed to get. Not only have I ticked lots off my Christmas list, I also managed to get some amazing bargains. One thing I do have to mention was that the products weren't packaged brilliantly (In a bag as opposed to a box) so some of the boxed items are a little bashed, but the kids won't mind. Overall though, I'm impressed and I'm definitely going to be browsing some more!

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  1. Good to hear how you got on and what you bought. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.