Yo! Sushi Mini Ninja School Review

Whilst I'm quite good with trying new foods, I'm always apprehensive about taking Max out to eat and try something new. Mainly because I'm worried that he won't like anything or it will be a waste of money. I've found one of the best ways to get him to try new things is to get him to make them with me. By finding our and exploring the flavours and parts to a meal, he then seems to be more open to trying things. 

We were recently invited to Yo! Sushi in Bournemouth to try out their new Mini Ninja School. A sushi making class aimed at children from age 5 introducing new flavours and cooking techniques to little ones. Priced at £15 per child, you are shown how to make sushi whilst creating your own dishes to take away.

Upon arriving at Yo! Sushi a bit earlier than their opening time, we were welcomed and shown to our seats where there were gloves and cling film wrapped bamboo mats, and given a bit of a rundown about what we would be doing in the session. We would be making three types of sushi including nigiri, maki and temaki hand rolls.

We were shown the importance of hand hygiene and were soon wearing gloves with a bit of oil on them (the rice was super sticky!). Then our fantastic host talked us through making the first rolls which were cucumber maki rolls. Max was an absolute pro at spreading the rice and rolling the sushi, compared to me who made a bit of a hash out of the process of rolling!

Once we had mastered the maki rolls by making salmon, avocado and cucumber ones, we then moved onto salmon nigiri. Our host was fantastic at keeping Max engaged and helping him make the tricky shapes that were needed for each piece of sushi.

Along the way our fantastic host kept Max busy and curious by getting him to try bits and pieces that he may or may not have eaten before. From his favourites (cucumber) to things he was unsure of but loved (salmon), it was fantastic to know that I was introducing some brilliant flavours to Max in a unique and hands on way.

Once we had finished making all of our sushi we were set a little challenge. Placed in front of us were two of their delicious strawberry cheesecake mochi and two sets of chopsticks. We had to race to see who could pick theirs up and eat it first, but with Max a bit unsure of how to use proper chopsticks, I let him have a lesson first. That was until I saw him grab a mochi and wolf it down before I had even grabbed my chopsticks!

Whilst we were battling it out over who was going to eat the last mochi (Max won!), our sushi was cut up and popped into a couple of boxes to take home (and share with our friends who came over.). Max was thrilled to be able to take home something to show Scott, whilst also getting the opportunity to try something different.

Alongside the sushi, Max was also given a Yo! Sushi mini ninja certificate to take home inside a bag packed full of little treats such as recipe cards and even the bamboo mat to try at home ourselves!

Max had an absolutely amazing time at Yo! Sushi and I can definitely say he is won over with flavours and new tastes. Thank you Yo! Sushi for the invitation, we had a fab time.  To book your own mini ninja session please book here: https://yosushi.com/sushi-school

*Note, we were gifted a free mini ninja session for the purpose of a review. 

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