Christmas Gift Ideas for 6-8 Year Olds

The older that Max gets, the more magical it seems to be for us. Seeing his eyes light up as we wander round looking at the houses, meeting Santa and of course opening presents. Max however has reached that awkward age where he doesn't care for the more babyish things I used to buy, but the masses of tech out there isn't really suitable for him either. This year I've tried to focus on STEM products with some brands he loves thrown in too. With all items costing under £20, it's a perfect way to fill their stockings. 

The Brands

Max isn't really a lover of many brands, there are a few that become almost obsession like. But on the whole, he seems to float between trends without much care. He is however, a massive Star Wars and Pokemon fan (like most kids his age!) so I decided to find some products that wouldn't break the bank, that were practical too. 

  • The Illumi-Mate lights are fantastic for adding a little touch of the dark side to Max's room. As someone that is still a bit unsure of going to sleep in the pitch black darkness, the Stormtrooper Illumi-Mate and Darth Vader Illumi-Mate are perfect for adding that bit of light. They are both battery powered and colour changing, so are perfect for that quiet time before bed.
  • Pokemon trading cards are something of an obsession in our house, Max is always begging us for packs. But when they don't come cheap, I'm always trying to hunt for a bargain so have Amazon alerts on for when they drop in price. I managed to pick these ones up on offer in Tesco and I know Max will love them.
  • Max has always had over the head earphones for his Ipod, but it's becoming harder to fit them in my bag and we tend to always forget them. So I found these Skullcandy JIB in-ear headphones for him to leave in his rucksack so he's never without some music.
  • Carrying on with the Star Wars obsession, I decided to merge two of his loves and grabbed these Star Wars Hot Wheels Cars to add to his ever growing car collection. I did manage to pick up a few packs, all from Home Bargains for £3 each which I thought was amazing (though they can be found on Amazon for a bit more. 

The STEM Toys

Max has always been really interested in how things work. From how things are put together to how you can create something from scratch. This year I wanted to get him a few small items that would be perfect for helping him get his ideas and inventions ready.

  • The BIC Kids range is perfect for creating and crafting. Max is obsessed with making cards, drawing signs and colouring in that these BIC products are worth every penny as they last so much longer than the cheaper brands. I love the look of the BIC Kids Magic Effect Pens and the Ecolutions colouring pencils come with a fantastic lead than means it's easier to sharpen and less likely to break. Fantastic for kids like Max who can get a bit enthusiastic with their drawing!
  • Max has a telescope at home, and whilst he loves looking at the stars I wanted to get him a microscope too. Whilst many are far too big for the amount he would use it, I found a pocket microscope (similar here) that I thought would be perfect for him to take out and about on walks in summer.
  • Slime is a hot trend in the world of kids at the moment, and whilst I'm all for making and playing with it. I wanted to find something that we could dispose of a bit easier than the standard stuff. Slime Play Powder cuts out the mess and allows you to create up to 8 litres of slime and it washes away as easy as it's made. 

The Educational

I always tend to get things for Max that can be an extension of his learning he does at school. He is obsessed with English and learning words, and his reading and fact based knowledge is his strength so I've played to them with some literary gifts.

  • The BFG Word Swipe Game is a perfect game for testing his word and spelling knowledge. He's always trying to out smart us so it's perfect for keeping when we go out for dinner and need to keep him amused.
  • The Disney Classics Top Trumps is one that I am going to love just as much as him. Max has a competitive streak that means he always wins a game of Top Trumps, so this is a great addition for our collection.
  • Books are something that I love Max to get each Christmas. Even though I don't work in a bookshop anymore, I want to ensure that love of reading carries him through to adulthood. I picked up a Wordsearch Book  as it's something that he loves to do before bed or at breakfast time. He's learnt so many new words since he started doing them. I also picked him up the first set of Famous Five books. They are a series that I adored as a child, and since reading the World Book Day short stories, Max has been impatient to read them himself. I managed to grab the first 5 in a box set from Tesco for £5 which is amazing.
  • Board games are always a hit in our house. And with Max's ever growing obsession with facts, I thought Dinkee Linkee would be a winner. All fact based, this game looks for the common link between answers. I love how you have to think outside the box and the adult version is always a hit at parties!

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