Now You Are 7

Max, it's your birthday!

Today you are 7. That's 84 months old. 365 weeks old. Or 2,557 days old. To be honest it feels like time is speeding away, but also slowing down. Some days it feels like a blink and miss it type of days whilst others are ones to cherish and savour. 

Now you are 7 you seem so much more independent all of a sudden. You want to do everything yourself, find mum and dad embarrassing and have this sense of being that little bit more grown up than you actually are. It's scary to see how head strong you are, but it's what I love about you the most. That you know what you want are you work to get there. 

You love to learn. Devouring books each night way past your bedtime, schooling us in maths problems even we can't know, and getting told off for performing in class. You're the class joker, but always get the work done. A lover of theatre and making each and every day a performance, whether we want to hear you sing everything or not. 

You have the kindest heart, the best friends and you love nothing more than cuddles on the sofa. Whilst I know that it's not going to last much longer, I'm going to savour each and every moment that we have together. 

Whatever you do, don't change you. That's what makes you so magical and wonderful. Have the best 7th year. Love you, mum. x

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