Finding The Perfect Valentine's Gift With Personally Presented.

When buying gifts for those you love, you find that over the years it can be harder and harder to find something different. Something that will stand out from the crowd, remind them of your love for each other whilst not blowing the bank. 

For me and Scott, we have always opted to buy ourselves things when we want them rather than waiting for special occasions. Which can normally mean days like anniversaries or Valentine's day can be a tricky situation to find a perfect gift. 

We are also not the type of couple that spend lots on each other, or do massive swooping, romantic gestures. But I do like to try and find him a gift that stands out, or is personalised to make him feel like I've really thought about it. So when Personally Presented got in touch to ask if I wanted to have a look at some of their range, I got stuck in and fell in love!

Personally Presented are a UK based company that sell gifts that can be personalised for any occasion or recipient. With a budget to spend, I opted to look at their personalised Valentine's day gifts so I could really stretch what they had on offer. I find Scott really tricky to buy for as despite the fact he's a beer lover and a film buff, he has everything he needs.

Fortunately, Personally Presented have it covered with sections for every type of person, personality and likes so it didn't take me long to find the beer lovers section and pop the personalised brewing company tankard in my basket. For Scott, you can never have too many beer glasses or beers so as soon as I saw the personalised blue stripe beer bottle too, I knew that it was a pair of gifts that would complement each other perfectly.

With a bit of money spare, I decided to grab a mug for Scott knowing that most of his were in need of replacing. He's one of those one or two coffees a day guys, and the amount of mugs we go through is quite alarming! I chose this mathematics of love mug which whilst it's a bit soppy for us, I knew that he would approve of as it's quite understated, and use on a daily basis.

I then knew that I wanted to buy Scott a keyring. His keyring had recently given up the ghost, and I knew I needed to find one that he would love and cherish, but would also be smart enough for work. As soon as I saw this anchor and initial wooden keyring, I knew I had found the right one. With us living by the sea, it was perfect for us and I wrote a little something on the back too.

I have to say that the one thing I was most impressed with was the quality of the products. They were all able to be personalised and it was so easy to fill out. But upon receiving the gifts, I was blown away by the quality of the products. They look luxurious and like so much love and attention was put into them that I've immediately started looking to see what I can buy my mum for mother's day and other gifts for special occasions. Not only that, but they were so reasonably priced that I wondered why I hadn't thought about a company like this before for gifts!

A huge thanks to Personally Presented for showcasing some of their fantastic products and helping me find something perfect for Valentine's day. Personally Presented have given me a 10% off code that can be used until the 31st May. Just enter "" at the checkout for your discount!

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