Weekend Burger Hacks with Rustlers

Trying to make fund and nutritious meals for Max can be a pain when we don't have much time to do it in. We are huge fans of pasta and jacket potatoes, both of which aren't fast to make, or quick to eat. So when Britmums and Rustlers invited us to try their southern fried chicken burgers, I thought there was nothing to lose!

We popped to Tesco as part of our weekend rush between drama lessons and afternoons with friends to pick up the essentials, and couldn't wait to get started. We wanted to create something that played on the southern fried part of the burger, but knew it had to be quick (and ideally made in less than 5 minutes). We also wanted something that could be adapted for grown ups as well as kids. So we had a challenge on our hands!

Luckily, inspiration soon came to us and we decided we wanted to make a pot of BBQ beans to go alongside our burgers. Of course wanting to add more of our 5 a day, we decided to get Max involved and make salad skewers to finish off the dish.

First of all we made the beans by frying off some bacon whilst the beans were in the microwave. When the bacon is nice and crispy we added it to the beans with a squeeze of bbq sauce. We serve them in little ramekin pots to keep things tidy (and Max isn't the biggest fan of  mixing his dinner up).

Next up, we chopped up the cucumber and let Max thread it onto the skewers with tomatoes to break to up. Whilst he was doing this, I popped the Rustlers burger in the microwave and put the bun under the grill to toast it. The burgers come with a sauce and we used a little bit of that with a couple of slices of lettuce inside.

Max absolutely loved his 5 minute burger and it was a filling lunch that gave him the energy for the rest of the weekend.

*Note, this post is in association with Britmums and Rustlers.

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