An Unexpected Snow Day

Living in Dorset, we very rarely see snow. Since Max was born, it's snowed twice. Once when he was born, and another about 5 years ago. We are on that part of the coast where snow seems to just miss us. So when it does happen, we are shocked, taken by surprise and really don't know what to do with ourselves. 

So on one school pick up when a few flurries started falling, we never expected to wake up the next day to a blanket of fluffy snow in our car park. But that's exactly what happened and it continued to fall for the next day. To have an unexpected snow day was fantastic. It was so much fun to spend hours outside with Max playing in the snow and throwing snowballs with each other.

I have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of snow. Whilst it looks pretty, it always seems to cause more problems, and we had many. Locally people were stranded and I had to go on a mad rush for food as we actually had nothing in the house. But snuggled on the sofa with hot chocolates watching it fall out of the window is pretty spectacular.

I'm glad to say that the snow has cleared, but with more due to come in the next few weeks, I'm hoping spring will make an appearance sooner rather than later! I'm looking forward to not having to wear 10 layers just to take the bins out.

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