Air Hogs Sonic Rocket Review

With the sun starting to peek through the clouds, I am trying to rack my brain with cool things for Max to do with his friends. They love the park and they love gadgets, so when the Air Hogs Sonic Rocket turned up, it ticked all the boxes and I could not wait to test it out. Claiming to shoot up to 200ft in the air, this wasn't just your ordinary rocket, this is one that's set to be out of the world and the kids couldn't get to the park quick enough!

The Air Hogs Sonic Rocket is a high powered rocket and launcher with three modes to help you shoot it to the sky. The Sonic Rocket is easily charged via a USB and after a 20 minute charge we were ready to go and racing to launch it. By choosing from either the 50ft, 100ft or 200ft settings, you can determine how high it will go. This is fantastic when you are either in a massive field (like us) or in a local park where you may not have as much room. These are easily activated by pressing the buttons on the side once, twice or three times depending on the mode wanted. With a whirring countdown, you stand back and watch it take off into the air like a rocket from NASA!

We started off small, not knowing what to expect and letting the kids press it once each. Of course we didn't want it to fly away as we were a bit dubious as to how robust it was. After a few failed attempts (the grass was too long, so we ended up holding the launch pad) we finally launched our Sonic Rocket to much screams of delight of Max and Rubi. They spent so long running back and forth, chasing the rocket and seeing how far it would go. Soon enough we were launching it up to 200ft in the air and feeling like we were losing sight of it until it would fall to the ground as quick as it went up.

The kids honestly loved it so much and would have begged me to go back and charge it up again had dinner not been calling their names. I was so impressed with not only how high it went, nor how robust it actually was, but by how the kids were enthralled and hooked from the moment it took to the air. It's made with crash resistant foam (which I later found out) which means that we are going to have endless hours of fun each weekend and sunny day. The kids played with it until it ran out of launches and was ready for a recharge. You can work this out as it slowly loses launch height when it's in need of a boost.

The Air Hogs Sonic Rocket is priced at £19.99. At first I thought it was a tad on the expensive side for something that may not work. Until I saw it fly and disappear before my eyes and I am now fully convinced it's worth every penny. It's a tad delicate, so it's not suitable for kids under the age of 8 (our kids are 7, but promised to be on their best behaviour!) nor is it suitable in strong winds. We found even with a gentle breeze, it drifted really far away but was a great way to sneak in a bit of exercise for the kids as they ran after it!

We honestly love the Air Hogs Sonic Rocket, it's something that is going to get more than enough use and something that we will definitely be recommending to everyone. It's such a simple idea that Air Hogs have turned into something magical for kids to enjoy. Now, is it my turn to give it a go?

*Note: We were sent this item for review. All opinions are our own.

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