Zuru Bunch o Balloons Review

Summer is well and truly here, and whilst we are loving this heatwave that we are having on the south coast, the kids are getting a bit hot and bothered. Max and his best friend absolutely love spending time down at our local splash pool. 

So when Zuru asked if we wanted to try some of their Bunch o Balloons for an afternoon water fight, the kids couldn't get their swim stuff on fast enough. 

Included in the box was 4 sets of Bunch o Balloons, in two different colours. Two launchers in the same colours as the balloons, and a carry bag for each side too. To say that we were set up for a water fight was an understatement.  The kids were ready and waiting to launch them at each other! I loved the idea of having a carry bag, it meant that they weren't running around the garden trying to find the balloons as it kept them all in once place.

Filling up was easy once we had worked out what to do. Using the host attachment provided, we clipped it into the Bunch o Balloons and let them fill up. In our area, we have fairly low water pressure at the moment, so it took a while to fill.

We decided to fill them up into the bags and it worked really well, albeit we needed to do it from a bit of height to give the balloons space to expand and fall off. It was honestly fascinating to watch how the self sealing rings allowed the balloons to drop off when they were full. I'm still convinced it's a bit of magic and wizardry.

Of course with the balloons filled and the kids standing at opposite ends of the garden, we were ready to go! The launchers work really well to propel and fire the balloons with some distance and height. They can reach up to 60m, but living in a residential area, we didn't attempt that distance. The kids loved that they could throw them and dodge each other, whilst trying to soak everyone (even us!)

All we heard for the next hour was squeals of laughter and fun from them as they launched, threw and dodged the balloons. It was honestly such a fantastic way to see such a simple idea result in hours of fun!

Of course when it comes to water balloons, the more the merrier. Luckily, Zuru's Bunch o Balloons have 35 balloons per bunch, so with 140 balloons in our set, the kids were more than happy. Whilst the kids were throwing and splashing away, I was pleased to read that the balloons themselves are biodegradable which meant that I didn't feel too guilty at all the mess that was made.

Zuru Bunch o Balloons are honestly barrels of fun. As soon as they were finished and tucked up with some dinner, I went online and ordered some more so that we could use them throughout the summer holidays!

Thank you Zuru for creating a fantastic product that the kids loved just as much as us adults. We can't wait to have a water balloon filled summer.

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