Back to School Shoes With Jake

Whilst the summer holidays are a great way to reconnect with your children, have some quality time with them and relax a little bit, there's always a niggling feeling in the back of my mind. You see Max is a bit of a rough child when it comes to clothes. Not in the sense that he rips them or ruins them, more he runs around so much they can't help but wear down quickly. 

This summer I have been on the hunt for some school shoes that are going to last me longer than half a term. I've tried them all, even Clarks, and nothing has lasted beyond half a school year. So when Jake Shoes got in touch with me I was intrigued!

Jake Shoes Geox Savage
Jake is an independently own and family run company set up to help customers find shoes that will help them stand out from the crowd. With fantastic brands including Dr Martens, Hunter and Lelli Kelly. With a whole section on their site dedicated to school shoes, I knew that I would be spoilt for choice and find something perfect for Max to wear in September. 

Max is pretty rough on his school shoes, so I always opt for ones that are reinforced on the toes along with the heels. This means that I'm normally quite restricted with styles that I can choose for max. I also opt for velcro fastenings as it makes it easier on PE days for Max as he still hasn't cracked tying laces under pressure. 

Jake Shoes Geox Savage

With a few options to choose from on their site, I opted for the Geox Kids New Savage Velcro shoes. With it's non marking outer soles and breathable membrane to stop the pesky smelly feet, they seemed like the perfect choice for Max. I decided to go half a size up as I know that kids feet can grow over the summer and they have enough wiggle room to keep him in shoes for the year. 

I was so impressed with the ease of ordering and delivery of the product. Not only were they packaged really well, there was plenty of communication as they were being shipped, but there were simple instructions for exchanging and returns. The shoes themselves came with some simple details about the Geox breathable membrane which was fantastic to give me some further information. 

Jake Shoes Geox Savage

Fortunately for us, the shoes are a pretty perfect fit and Max really likes them (he's been running around the house in them to "break them in") and can't wait to wear them to school. He was also really impressed with the Geox free gift that was included. A small radio in the shape of a shoe is the perfect way to get kids excited by their new school shoes and Max has literally taken it everywhere!

Thank you Jake for fitting Max out with his new school shoes. He can't wait to show them off in the playground to his friends and I can't believe we have finally found some long lasting shoes.

Jake Shoes Geox Savage

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