Trunk Of Drunk: The Perfect Girls Night In Game

I feel that us mums don't get enough time to sit back and relax. If we aren't running around after the kids, we are running around making sure that everything is in order and things are in an organised state of chaos. That's why when me and the school mums get a chance to let our hair down, we go all for it. 

Whilst we love to have a few drinks and gossip the night away, we absolutely love playing games. Not only does it keep the conversation flowing, but it's a great way to end up laughing so much it hurts and reminding yourself of how wild and wonderful your little gang is. So when I was invited to try out the Trunk Of Drunk from Gutter Games, it was the perfect excuse to celebrate everything that had been going on for us all recently. 

Trunk of Drunk

With everything from job successes, to wedding news and award nominations. We definitely had reason to celebrate. So with copious amounts of our favourite drinks, we cracked open the trunk to see just how drunk we could get! Let's just say that we got so drunk I'm not going to share the photos to save us all the embarrassment!

The Trunk Of Drunk comprises of 20 red Solo cups, 4 ping pong balls and 52 custom playing cards. This allows you to play up to 8 different games depending on the company, and what you fancy. With a handy guide to let you know everything from simplicity to hilarity, it's a great way to not only break the ice, but to keep conversations flowing.

The games included:

  • Beer Pong - I am absolutely rubbish at this game, I blame the fact that my hand-eye co-ordination has never been brilliant. It's nothing to do with the fact that I can't aim or even throw a ball!
  • Never Have I Ever - The perfect game to really find out all your friends secrets, this is a drinking game favourite that really gets you admitting to the things you wanted to hide.
  • Ring Of Fire - A game that I played so many times at uni that just the thought of it makes me queasy. With the last person to find a king having to drink from the cup in the middle of the table, it can make for a messy night!
  • Flip Cup - A highly competitive game that brings out the winner in everyone. By drinking your drink and flipping the cup, you need to not only work as a team but have the skill to win it.
  • 21's - This counting game becomes more and more absurd the more that you day the number 21. Again it's a game that holds lots of drunken university memories!
  • Screw The Dealer - Reminding me a bit of the higher or lower games, this card game uses skill to make the dealer drink as much as possible. It's great for big groups of people.
  • Most Likely - Most likely is another game that I love, mainly because everyone seems to show their true colours. It's great to play with an established group of friends as you can really see what everyone is thinking. You need to have a strong backbone though, as sometimes it can get a bit harsh!
  • Arrogance - A simple game that determines who drinks a drink with a flip of a coin. Do you have the arrogance to call heads or tails? Because the loser has to drink the cup.

Whilst we knew we wouldn't be great at beer pong, we knew that games such as "Never Have I Ever" and "Most Likely" were right up our street for our night in. Both of the games we played used the pack of cards provided and you went round reading the cards and reacting using drinks. After a while we learnt more about each other than we ever thought we could (and maybe should). But with us rolling around laughing it was so worth it.

Priced at £14.99 it's the perfect affordable gift for anyone that loves to not only have ice breakers at a party, but also keep it going longer than a few drinks. It's a game that I've already popped on my Amazon list to buy for my cousin who is at university, and would be perfect for a housewarming or even a mums night in like ours!

Trunk of Drunk

*Note I was gifted this for the purpose of the review, all opinions and alcohol are my own!

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