Preparing For A Road Trip

This year has been the year of travels for our family. Whether we are heading near or far, we are always using the car to get around and to find our next adventure. Of course all the extra miles on our car mean that we regularly have to prepare and check each journey. 

That being said, whilst I’m brilliant at packing everything including the kitchen sink, I’m not as great at checking over the car before we take to the road. After getting Max sorted, it’s the last thing on my mind when I really just want to get going. That’s why I’ve written this handy checklist to remind not only me, but everyone else what’s needed to prepare for a road trip.  

  • Check Tyres - Checking tyres before you take off on the road can be a quick and simple method to ensuring you are not only driving safely but also maximising fuel consumption. When you tyre pressure is too low, your car can use up more fuel, whilst over inflating the tyre puts it at risk of popping. The right level should be found in the inside of the drivers door and is as quick as popping to get fuel to refill them.

  • Don’t drive with unnecessary weight - I am definitely guilty of this. Not only do I pack the kitchen sink, I also tend to pack anything else I can squeeze in. Not only does the heavier weight use more fuel, It just doesn’t get used and it isn’t really necessary. I tend to write a checklist and then sit and really question if we need to take all the food in the cupboards!

  • Make sure your car is up to date with it’s service and MOT - Not only is the MOT a legal requirement of owning and running a car, it’s always worth to pop it in for a regular service. This will allow you to do things such as changing the oil, checking the bulbs and other various things before you head off on a long journey. I tend to call my local garage to book us in but you can book you car's MOT in places such as Stirling from the Fife Autocentre website.

  • Plan your journey - Planning your journey is a perfect way to not only save fuel but also save money. We tend to use a sat nav whilst we are driving, but also plan ahead with an app or website to see if there are any roadworks or closures happening. We like to get Max involved with planning our route and we sometimes plan it with stops on our way.

By planning for each and every trip, it allows us to really enjoy both the journey and the destination. It gives us peace of mind that we are driving our car safely, we are saving money by being fuel efficient, and also by enjoying the time we are spending together in the car. Whilst I do find car journeys can be stressful, I’m hoping by following this list I’ll be able to have one less weight off my shoulders. 

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