2018 in Review

At the start of 2018 I wrote that 2017 had been the year of change for us, and how we were looking forward to settling and solidifying our careers in 2018. To be perfectly honest, nothing ever really goes to plan and 2018 was the year that in the words of the Fresh Prince "got flipped turned upside down". With massive highs, and even lower lows, we're now heading into 2019 as a different family than 365 days ago. 

Personal Goals

In 2018 I wanted to be healthier, champion being my own boss and unplug a bit more. Whilst the unplugging is still a work in progress, the other two sent my life on a bit of a rollercoaster. At the start of the year I was raring to go and ready to throw myself into everything that life threw at me. What I wasn't expecting was to feel so unsure about being a freelancer, that I think I almost self sabotaged myself. The imposter syndrome was real and I constantly questioned myself as a social media manager. I ended up signing up for Young Women's Trust's Work It Out service and my coach Charlotte was the turning point to start believing in myself.

In the middle of the year I lost one of my main clients through no fault of my own and ended up applying for anything and everything. It's resulted in me being offered a job in a school as part of the pastoral team. Something that I never even thought I would do and I honestly can't wait to start. It's a massive jump from where I have been, but I can't wait to grab this opportunity and love every moment of it.

In summer I finally joined Slimming World and have lost over three stone to date. It's made me feel brighter and lighter and has definitely changed the way I eat and think about food. That's not to say that I don't still love chocolate and a cheeky pink gin! I'm hoping to lose a few more stone and hit target in 2019. It feels like a long way off, but I love my group and my consultant is amazing.

Finally, I did so much with Young Women's Trust and Pregnant Then Screwed that I ended up winning an award. When the shortlist email dropped in my inbox I remember crying as I didn't actually believe that it was real. When I heard my name called on the award night, I was in such a state of shock that I still don't think that months after it's sunk in yet. To be honest it reminds me what a life changing charity that YWT are, how even years later I am never going to forget everything that they continue to do for me and other young women.

Family Goals

Scott has ended 2018 in a completely different career to what he started in. Through some luck and chance, he is now working with his dad in a job that he really enjoys. Yes it's more hours and the days are longer, but it gives us a weekend together that we have never had before. We get to spend quality time together rather than juggling night shifts and freelance work.

As a family we wanted to travel more and see more. I mean we did lots of trips to London and Portsmouth, but we also ventured to Bulgaria with Scott's family. After the stress that we had at the start of the year, it was the perfect way to unwind as a family and we are already planning our next family break. Me and Scott wanted to spend more time together, and whilst that didn't happen in 2018, we are planning it in 2019 with a holiday together and some regular date nights.

We went to more theatre, festivals and days out than I can count and Max has flourished in his first proper stage production. We want more of those and have set a challenge of one musical/play a month at least. It's going to be a year of fun and games and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Whilst 2018 was the year of highs and lows, I can only begin to predict what 2019 will hold. Hopefully a year of fun and fantastic highs for our family.

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