Eco Friendly Cleaning in 2019

2018 has been the year that everyone has slowly become a bit more eco-conscious. I've been trying to be as eco-friendly as possible in my day to day life by switching everything from makeup wipes, to sanitary products, to the good old tote bags instead of plastic ones. But the one thing that I am guilty of is still using harmful cleaning products. 

It's not that I'm not trying, it's just I know what works well in my home and until I'm proven that an eco-friendly product works, I don't tend to switch to something else. Having said that, I was becoming increasingly aware of how many disposable anti-bacterial wipes I was using and knew that something needed to change. 

Tincture Eco Cleaning Products

So towards the end of 2018 I've been researching and looking at what products are on the market to help me become more eco-conscious. Whilst I know I'm not going to change my ways overnight, these products will become part of the first steps towards feeling like I'm doing my bit for the environment.

  • The Tincture Bathroom Spray is one that I've seen spoken about all over Instagram as a clear winner in the eco-friendly products category. With a fresh pine and eucalyptus smell it honestly feels like my bathroom has been transported to the wild outdoors in all the best ways! With a blend of active oils in the product, you know that you are getting a fantastic clean with fresh ingredients. It's worth noting that a little goes a long way with this product, which is fab as at £7.50 for the bottle, it's on the pricey end. But I can honestly say that it's worth every penny. It leaves my sink looking fresh and my bathroom looking like a room that I'm honestly happy about everyone else seeing!
  • I've also been using the Tincture All Purpose cleaning spray in mostly the bedrooms and lounge for all our surfaces. This award winning spray works instantly to give your room that fresh feeling with a scent of sage, clove and juniper that also have great antiseptic properties too. What I love about the Tincture products is that the bottles themselves are recyclable and biodegradable meaning that they are eco friendly from start to finish.
  • One thing I am probably most guilty of is using wipes to clean as opposed to cloths. The Marigold Let it Shine extra thick microfibre cloths are a perfect replacement. They can be used wet or dry as an alternative to wipes to clean surfaces and let your surroundings shine. With for in a pack and costing around £3 for the pack it's really affordable and perfect for trying something different.
  • Browsing Wilko, I was so impressed to see that they had their own affordable eco range in store. I picked up their Wilko Eco Kitchen Cleaner Spray for just £1 and couldn't believe how great it was. I have to say that I don't think it cleaned my hob as well as my tub of pink stuff, but it was a fab product for using in between those big cleans that I do once a week. They have a fab range including laundry liquid and dishwasher tablets too!
  • To be honest, the Ecover Eco Washing Up Liquid was mainly picked up for the title of the scent. I am slightly obsessed with everything pomegranate, so when I saw that there was a pomegranate and fig scented washing up liquid, I grabbed it immediately. We are guilty of using the cheapest washing up liquid but I know full well that it isn't eco-friendly nor is it good when it comes to recycling etc. So this product leaves my dishes smelling fresh and it's fab for the environment too. 
I'm honestly blown away at the choice of eco-friendly products on the market and absolutely loved using the ones I've discovered. I know it's only a small step, but it's a step that I feel proud to make in 2019. Let me know in the comments below if there are any products that you love. 

Tincture Eco Cleaning Products

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