Things To Know Before Booking A Family Photoshoot

Before you book your first family photoshoot, there are some important points to consider. Here’s a few of them!
You’ve thought about hiring a photographer or booking in for a photography session to capture the beauty of your family – perfect! Not only will you be able to keep the most precious memories with your family close, but the experience of being in a photography studio will definitely be one to remember. 
Photo courtesy of Nousha

However, before you jump in at the deep end and make a booking for your family photoshoot, there are some things you need to know and organise in order to get the most out of the experience. From the right photographer to setting the scene, it’s crucial you get the most out of your session, and your money! Here’s how: 

Know your ideal style.
Photographers have their own unique, individual styles of shooting, so it’s super important to know what you want straight away. You need to be able to explain to your photographer how you want your photos to come across so they can capture the love of your family in the best way.
Are your family a bunch of jokers? Do you want to portray your love for one another? The right photographer can capture these feelings and emotions so you can look back on them year after year with joy.

Your photography package.
Your family photoshoot doesn’t just consist of a man with a camera taking a few shots here and there and then allowing you to go home after 20 minutes. You’ll more than likely be purchasing a photography package, which will enable you to get an allotted time in the studio as well as the opportunity to get some great shots to take home at the end of it.
Usually, a good photographer doesn’t come cheap, so depending on your budget, you can get a variety of different packages to suit you. You’ll normally get a set amount of time in the studio, and then the chance to see your photographs and choose the best ones to be printed.

Fees and deposit.
Depending on your package and how long your photographer will be with you, the fees they present to you may vary. For example, if you want a good few hours with your photographer, they may require you to pay a higher deposit. 
If you need your photographer longer than the allotted time, you may be charged for any over time, which can be a little more expensive than their usual rate. It’s always best to ask about this upfront so you can plan in additional hours if needed.

Always see their work!
Before you even agree to book in with a photographer, you need to see examples of the work they’ve already carried out. If you’re not one hundred percent sure it’s the style you’re after, then you’re probably better off seeing a different photographer’s work instead.
Usually, you’ll be able to tell if a photography style is similar to the sort of thing you’re after. It’s always a great idea to compare the work of similar photographers so you can make the best decision.

The end result.
Hopefully, you’ll love what you see when your photographer presents you with what you’ve been waiting for – your finished prints, edited to perfection! Sometimes, you can go a step further and have your prints framed or presented as a set.
You may wish to give your prints to friends or family members as a gift or to keep for yourself as a prized piece of d├ęcor. Your photographer may even give you options for different frames in different price brackets.

Your family photoshoot is all set!
Once you’ve planned in advance for these points, you’re ready to go. Feel free to book in for your photoshoot with your preferred photographer and don’t forget to ask any and all questions that pop into your head. They’re there to create the most perfect family shots, after all!
Have you had any family photoshoots in the past? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments! 

Photo courtesy of Nousha

This post was in collaboration with Nousha, UK based family photographers specialising in children’s black and white photography. For more information about their services or to see some high-quality examples of their work, visit their website: 

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