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School of Rock UK Tour - Mayflower

School Of Rock is one of my family's favourite films. It might be because we adore rock music, or because we love comedy, or we just love the idea of kids learning the history of rock and roll. Whatever our reasons for loving this film, nothing can prepare us for the marvel that is School Of Rock the Musical. The perfect blend of everything we love and now on stage in Southampton at the Mayflower this week only!

The musical follows true to the much loved film and has music written by Andrew Lloyd Webber (an unlikely source for rock music if there ever was one!). The show has a bunch of all singing, all playing kids that are ready to kick some ass on stage and stick it to the man! Whilst we have seen the show before, it's been over 5 years since we were last in the audience and Max couldn't wait to rock out in his seat to arguably his favourite musical of all time; and neither could I!

Jersey Boys UK Tour 2022 Review

Oh What A Night was had at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton as Jersey Boys took to the stage for a brilliant new UK Tour of the legendary show. Following the legend that is Frankie Valli, and his musical counterparts, we track their history (the good, bad, ugly, and legendary) through the music they made on a stage where they belong. 

With a hit new cast and a new injection of energy, it's time to see this cast as they work their way back to us and into our hearts again!  

Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club - Review

After winning 7 Olivier Awards, the hype around Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club is real. With mystery surrounding the whole show, you are encouraged to keep the secrets of what happens inside the club from the moment you step foot into the theatre until you leave. From the snippets of information you know before you enter, you are aware that the show is nothing short of immersive, and the whole theatre has been renovated to accommodate this new revival of this classic show. 

Whilst initially I hadn't been too bothered about seeing this show, after watching the incredible performance by Amy Lennox at the Olivier Awards, I knew I had to be there. With a handful of affordable tickets in the theatre, as soon as the next batch was released I booked tickets quicker than I could catch my breath. Tickets are priced between £30 and £325 per performance, and whilst I knew that the expensive ones would be worth every penny, they just weren't in my budget. 

After months of waiting, it was finally our time to head to the elusive Kit Kat Club and see what all the fuss was about. I took Scott with me, who knew next to nothing about the show, so I was excited to get his opinion on it.