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The Full Monty UK Tour Review

 The Full Monty is one of those iconic British 90's movies that everyone seems to know. Whether you've seen it or not, you know the premise. A bunch of average Joe's get their kit off in order to help make ends meet whilst covering some themes such as mental health, body image, and sexuality. Whilst its origins are on the big screen, it's been living on the stage since Simon Beaufort created this award winning play in 2013. Billed as a true girl's night out, the Mayflower Theatre was certainly full of excited women ready for a fun evening ahead. 

The Bodyguard - UK Tour Review

 The Bodyguard is arguably one of the most classic film hits of the 90's. Wowing audiences, the film stars Whitney Houston as a performer at the height of her game as she juggles parenthood, the spotlight, and stalkers. After being appointed a bodyguard to protect her against danger, she must let her guard down in order to truly be looked after. Filled with iconic Whitney songs that audiences then and now adore, it's a sure fire hit to transfer to the stage. 

Currently embarking on a UK tour, The Bodyguard took to the Mayflower Theatre stage in Southampton to entice and entertain. 

Peter Pan Goes Wrong UK Tour Review

 The geniuses behind the hilarious “Grown Ups”, “The Play That Goes Wrong”, and “Magic Goes Wrong” are back! With their combination of physical theatre and utter chaos, Peter Pan Goes Wrong is yet another Mischief Theatre take on a show for the whole family to love and enjoy. From the brains of Henry Shields, Jonathan Sayers, and Henry Lewis, Peter Pan Goes Wrong is a show that will have laughing until you cry, and loving every moment of the show.