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Rhythm Is Gonna Get You - Leaf Studio 2024

High energy, incredible talent, inspiring choreography and performances that make you want to give a standing ovation? It can only mean it's the Leaf Studio end of year celebration. This year with the aptly titled 'Rhythm Is Gonna Get You', there's more crammed in than ever before and before you can say yeah you are dancing in your seat and wishing the show wouldn't end.

Broadway Showtunes 2024 - BIGLITTLE Theatre School

 There's something special about youth theatre. It's something that I have been passionate about since I was young and in shows myself. To see young talent being nurtured by brilliant creatives and coming together to create spellbinding shows is something absolutely wonderful. BIGLITTLE Theatre School are just one of those brilliant schools in the Bournemouth area to grow and develop talented individuals that belong on the stage. 

2024 marks another year of their Broadway Showtunes showcases. A medley of songs and shows that are familiar and new, brought together by an impressive cast of over 160 young people. And Mamma Mia was it a show to enjoy! 

Romeo & Juliet - Jamie Lloyd - Review

When Jamie Lloyd announced that his latest production would be Romeo and Juliet and star Tom Holland in one of the title roles, the hype around this show was like nothing I had seen before with a piece of theatre. Getting a ticket was reminiscent of getting one of Wonka's Golden Ticket's and somehow I was successful in scoring one of these sought after tickets; albeit in what was dubbed as a slight restricted view. But would the hype of Spiderman taking on another iconic role truly win me over, or would it be a case of a show not living up to the Olivier Award winning older sister (Sunset Boulevard).