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Singin' In The Rain UK Tour - Mayflower Southampton

Singin' In The Rain is a classic musical that is the stuff of legends. Originally a big screen movie that took the world by storm, this show has been adapted time and time again and wowwed audiences the world over.  

Now 70 years since the original film came out, the show is back in stage impressing a new generation of audiences with a stunning UK tour. The show has tap danced its way down to the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton and both myself and Max couldn't wait to dance in the rain as we watched this fantastic show.

Waitress UK Tour Review - Mayflower Southampton

Heading to local theatres straight from the West End, Waitress is a show that is taking the UK by storm, one slice of pie at a time. Based on the film of the same name, this musical has been adapted by the legendary Sara Bareilles into a sweet show that covers serious topics such as domestic abuse and adultery, but is packed full of comedy, drama, and superb singing. 

As part of its tour it has now opened up at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton and Max and I couldn't wait to see the show. It was one of the last shows that I had seen pre-lockdown and the songs were still in my head to this day. 

Don Giovanni - WNO - Mayflower Southampton

Don Giovanni is the story of Opera's ultimate seducer. Set to the music of Mozart, it's a show that has wowwed audiences for decades, and continues to stand the test of time. The Welsh National Opera never fail to create a great adaptation of Opera's and their version of this handsome Lothario's tale is no exception. Featuring as part of their Spring 2022 season, I was invited to see it take to the Mayflower, Southampton stage.