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And Then There Were None - UK Tour 2024

 There is something quite marvellous about watching a murder mystery play out on stage. And it's made even more thrilling when it's an adaptation of one of the most loved and celebrated crime thriller books of all time. But having a show based on a book with such a popular following can mean that there is an alarmingly high bar to live up to, and with a modern audience, will this 1939 tale be able to captivate audiences. 

Coming towards the end of their UK tour, the cast of the Agatha Christie play have landed in Southampton at the Mayflower Theatre and are ready to have audience members on the edge of their seat. With warnings of violence, murder, suicide, and gun shots, you are left wondering what on earth will happen before you even take your seat. Because in this classic whodunnit, nothing is quite as it seems. 

Bonnie & Clyde UK Tour Review

Bonnie and Clyde might arguably be one of the most famous criminal duo's in history. Their spree of bank heists, carjacking, and murders ended in a bloodbath and left the duo cemented in history with countless films, books, programmes, and now musical's about their life. With both of the vowing that they would be remembered, it seems that they got their wish and after a successful couple of runs in the West End, these outlaws are now taking the UK stages by storm. 

Visiting venues across the country until October 2024, Bonnie & Clyde is a musical that is packed with catchy tunes, and a fantastic cast as it tells the story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow as they meet their untimely deaths.

Jesus Christ Superstar UK Tour Review

Jesus Christ Superstar originated as a concept album between Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. Since then it has been transformed into a film, and had many stage adaptations including the latest version. Originally taking place in the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, this production of Jesus Christ Superstar has been revamped and transformed into something that is like nothing you have seen in a Lloyd Webber show before. And in my honest opinion, it's made it all so much better! 

Currently adapted for a UK tour, this version is hitting venues across the UK and has landed at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton for a week to inspire and entertain audiences.