Being a mum and having loads of other things that I do in my spare time leaves me with very few chances for luxuries. I've got my morning down to a ten minute routine of a speed shower, blow dry and make up application. I'd like to say it gives me those few extra moments asleep but in reality it means that it gives me those few minutes extra to cuddle and sing nursery rhymes. 

The above six items are my favourite ever. I use them daily without fail. Just to make me feel a bit more awake and normal after the lack of sleep. 

  1. Clinique Chubby Stick - I used to use lip tint but I found it really dried out my lips. When I was browsing Boots picking up some of my normal items I drifted towards these. It may have been the overly colourful advertising that did it but I've not turned back since. The colour is perfect for me, I hate something that is way too bright and it's quite muted but still provides all the moisture and punch that I wanted in a lip colour. £16.00
  2. Lush Dream Cream - I've been through every moisturiser ever. I've had really bad dry skin and eczema for my whole life and I was hating using steroid cream all the time. When my friends in my local Lush suggested I try this I was really sceptical as it's just a plain moisturiser, theres no magic ingredient in it? But it works wonders. My skin has gone from dry, cracked and sore to lovely and smooth. I still have dodgy days but this is the best thing I've found. £10.95
  3. Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Foundation - Red skin is the worst, and I get it loads when it's too hot, too cold and of course when I'm embarrassed  One of my closest friends is a make up artist and she used this on me when I spent a few days with her. She converted it. It's so light on my skin and doesn't cause any redness or give my skin any problems at all. £23.00
  4. Lee Stafford Argan Oil - I've spent so much time, money and moments of frustration trying to get my hair to be perfect. I've finally accepted that it won't be perfect but this gives me a close enough effect. For what it is, it isn't that expensive. I've seen some really expensive versions and thought that there was nothing to lose. My hair feels softer, longer, stronger. Something magic about it. £11.99
  5. Lush Emotional Brilliance Powder - When Lush released their Emotional Brilliance range I picked a few things up, this being one of them. I've found that some powders are either too thin they don't do anything or too thick or tinted that it just looks awful. I'm no make up expert but I know good from bad. This seemed to work really well. It's expensive for what it is but when you only use the smallest amount it seems to work. I'm on my second pot within 6 months which seems to be about average for what a previous pressed powder was. £12.00
  6. Benefit Bad Gal Mascara - There are so many reviews on how amazing this is and I need to add my two cents. Some of the cheaper mascaras seem to either make lashes clumpy or just rubbish. This coats them and seems to make my stumpy lashes seem like I've got a pair of falsies on. £16.50

So that's my daily essentials. What are yours?

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