I love books, especially christmas ones. Theres nothing better than curling up on a cold night  with some festive books or two. So I thought I would share some of my favourite christmas books for you to read with your little ones.

The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas - Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher
Danny wants everything for Christmas, but he gets a dinosaur. A dinosaur that wants to eat everything, including Christmas. But as the saying goes “what goes in must come out” this book is a poopsplosion of funny pictures and story. Surprisingly this is one of my favourite Christmas books this year, maybe because some musicians have created an amazing book that everyone of all ages can enjoy this Christmas. But be warned, theres a lot more than a little poop in this.  

Father Christmas On The Naughty Step – Mark Sperring.
Father Christmas is on the naughty step! What has he done wrong and will he be able to deliver all the presents before Christmas day? This comical book is great for those pesky kids that still don’t believe if Father Christmas will know if they are naughty or nice. And obviously who doesn’t like the idea of the jolly old man on the naughty step!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr Seuss.
The ghastly Grinch is a terrible creature that hates Christmas so thinks no one should enjoy it either. When he tries to ruin it for the town of the Who’s. The wonderful rhymes in the story matched with the distinct illustrations from Dr Seuss leaves you jumping for joy and booing at the Grinch. The book has been transformed into a well-known film that is just as comical but I personally prefer the book just due to Seuss’s whimsical language. 

The Jolly Christmas Postman – Janet and Alan Ahlberg
A gorgeous Christmas version of this jolly letter-delivering tale. The postman is on a Christmas mission to deliver everyone’s Christmas cards before the big day. Read the letters and cards along with everyone else with lovely pull out pages relating to each different character. What present is the big bad wolf getting little red riding hood and do you think baby bear is going to get a nice present. A lovely interactive story for all the family to enjoy.

Father Christmas Needs A Wee – Nicholas Allan
There is something about children and bodily functions that go great together hand in hand. This one focuses on the lovely Mr Claus and how when he goes to each home he comes across more food and drink to eat but eventually he needs to use the toilet! The book focuses on counting your way through the houses but the children obviously love the bodily fluid references! Let’s hope Father Christmas finds himself a toilet soon!

What books are you going to be reading your little ones this year?


  1. Great selection of books! I don't have any festive literature yet but I'm sure IQ will get a Christmas related book for Christmas.

    1. Max loved Dear Santa last year. it's a bit like dear zoo with lift the flaps xx