I think I need to write this post. I've had a host of shit boyfriends, ones that have cheated, and hurt me beyond belief in more ways than one but this man is the best one ever.
I remember when we first got together we got loads of stick from people that were supposed to be my friends saying we wouldn't last. But pretty much 3 years on and we are still going stronger than ever.

He's my best mate, the guy who I talk to about everything and the guy who I made an amazingly adorable kid with! And also the guy I honestly want to spend the rest of my life with.

One problem with him thought. He's always so hard to buy presents for! So this Christmas I decided to plan early and try and force him not to buy the things he would normally get himself!

He's in his final year of scriptwriting for film and television at BU, so I thought I would get some stuff that was related to the course and some stuff that would be a nice treat. He's already been given the Dark Knight Trilogy scripts.

So I've decided to buy him:
  • Star Wars Moleskine Diary (he's ALWAYS forgetting what he's supposed to do)
  • Moleskine notebooks (perfect for writing script ideas)
  • Yo Gabba Gabba x Volcom top (designed by Dave Grohl and his daughter. Need I say more?)
  • Scene It? Comedy edition (I buy him a board game every year. Every family needs board games!)
  • Stephen K Amos's Autobiography (it's actually a signed copy that I picked up when he came into my work - did I ever tell you how much I love my work?)
  • Tales from the script book (Scott saw this on Amazon and mentioned he liked it!)
I'm also going to buy him some American sweets from the sweet shop around the corner and a DVD or two, probably of a comedy we've seen together. Max is making him a canvas with I (heart) dad on it and probably giving him one of the above.

I'm ashamed to say I've pretty much done all my Xmas shopping!


  1. Don't be ashamed to say you're nearly done! Its called being organised! Mines done and wrapped cards are written ready to be posted. Less stress next month then! xxx

  2. I have all my Max's Birthday and Xmas presents a lot which I have won!!! I just have Ben my partner now to do :) and a few other little fillers from everyone else!
    I love preparing early!


  3. My hubby is the same, always difficult to find "the perfect gift" for so I end up buying lots of little things. Well done for being so organised for Christmas!