Max had a really rough night, sleeping no more than 5 hours all night (eep!) so he's been a bit miserable and sorry for himself all day. But the best way to sort that out and tire him so he can sleep a bit? A trip to the park!

Max loves the park, he always goes for the most adventurous stuff, the slides nearly twice the height of me, the swings where he nearly falls out and the see saw all on his own.

Thankfully he's crashed out now. And when he wakes up we're going to do some arts and crafts to get him in the mood for making christmas presents in a few days.

I hope your saturday is good, while he's asleep I'm blogging and watching the last of House!


  1. Glad he's zonked out now! I'm having similar trouble getting IQ to sleep at the moment. I never realised how difficult it is to get babies worn out, they have so much energy!

  2. oh my gosh, Max is SO cute! I love these pictures! So glad I found your cute blog.