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I realised that I've just jumped on this and not many people know me. I've seen this floating around on Tumblr for ages and thought I would use it on here to introduce myself. 
Name: Laura

Height: 5’7
Eye Color: Brown, very dark brown.
Birthday: July 29th 1990.
Favorite color: Blue and every shade of it in between. It's always been my favourite colour. But I'm loving grey and lime green for interiors at the moment. Definitely going to be my new bedroom colour (when I get a new bedroom)
Best school subject: Photography. Actually I didn't do photography at school. I didn't start it until college and I whizzed through the gcse, alevel and btec in 3 years. I think I have to credit my lecturer for my love of it though. He managed to push me hard enough that I really got creative with it but then made sure I wasn't an idiot about it all. I wish I still kept in touch with him because honestly I want to say thanks for the help he gave me.
Mac or PC: Mac. I started to use Macs probably 6/7 years ago and I've used them so much I've forgotten how to use a PC. Also having an Iphone and an Ipad has secured this level of Apple obsession. 
Current shirt color: Black vest top, with a sheer flower and lace top over it. I'm not the skinniest person ever and probably never will be but I try with what I have. I've lost over 2 stone in the past year but I'm still pretty much the same size. Forever a fatty. 
Gamer?: Haha nope. I use it for exercise purposes only. Wii fit, Xbox dance central and other Kinect games are all I play. Oh and the sims. Does that count? 
Day or night: I used to say night, I probably still do in some way but at the moment it's day. Max is awake, we get to gave great family time together and nothing beats that. 

Celebrity crush: Probably all of McFly and Dallas Green. 
Coffee?: Not since before having Max. 
Favorite band/musical genre: I like a bit of everything. We listen to bands such as Taking Back Sunday, Alexisonfire and The Dangerous Summer one day then Mcfly and whatever is on Radio 1 the next. I'm also a sucker for Musicals and Disney songs. 
Favorite Food: Either noodles (with salmon, egg, veg and plenty of soy sauce) or Tuna Pasta Bake. 
Where do I live and how do I feel about it? I live in a city called Bournemouth. In all honesty it's okay. I don't want to raise a kid here. There's nothing bad about it but I want Max to be surrounded by family and that's not here. It's a great student city, the beach is wonderful and the forest is on your doorstep, theres just no family here. 
A few other things to know about me: I have a degree in Photography, I work in a bookshop and I want to have about 2 more kids. I love Scotland and would love to live there if it wasn't so far away. I love cake and documentaries and I read about 6 books at a time. 

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