So I hope you have all had a good week. Ours has been eventful of some sorts.

  • Max spent his weekend with Scotts parents as they hadn't seen him for a few weeks. It meant that me and Scott could go out on Friday night to see his friends that had graduated that day. It's crazy to think I have known them for 3 years and it's highly probably that we wont see most of them again. Sad as they have seen Max grow up this far and he loves them just as much as he loves us (nearly) Thankfully the cocktails flowed as well as the gossip and the few that are still in Bournemouth will be coming over for dinner soon!
  • We have been spending most mornings letting Max walk to nursery, he's hating being in his pram and the weather hasn't been too dire meaning that the leaves on the ground are crisp and he can still wear his Gruffalo hat and gloves with style. He's telling us all about the leaves falling from the trees and the cars driving past. Since when could he talk so well?!
  • I'm trying to clean the small flat we have from top to bottom, with birthdays and christmas coming up it means that the place needs to be spotless before we fill it up with new toys! Not the easiest thing with a nearly 2 year old.
  • Max has discovered our wardrobe and treats it like Narnia squealing as he rummages through all my summer dresses and shoes!
  • I'm keeping busy at work with some photoshoots, blog posts to write for different companies and of course working at Waterstones. After our recent signing with Olly Murs I'm thankful that it's a bit quieter in the run up to christmas. At least I have loads of gorgeous new gifts to pop out in my section (yes I'm the lucky girl that spends her shift putting out those amazing pieces of stationary and gifts!!!)
  • We bought Max a Yo Gabba Gabba Dj Lance costume. We wanted it for Halloween but it turned up too late, so he's been playing in it ever since. Problem with Max loving american shows is that you can't get any merchandise here!
  • I've finished buying everything for christmas. I wanted to get it all done before Max's birthday so I'm glad all I have left is wrapping and some crafting. 

I am wishing and wishing that this gorgeous charm bracelet turns up in my christmas stocking. Or at least for my birthday next year. Its a collaboration of Oliver Jeffers for Digby & Iona. And despite it being based around children's characters it's so classy and cute! Shame the price tag will be something that I can't afford for a long time, what with saving for everything else and spoiling my little man rotten!

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  1. Oh how cute is he!
    Lovely post.

    1. Thank you! I'd like to think he took away all my good looks when he was born ;)