So Max is a lucky lucky boy. His birthday is the 1st December meaning that by the time Christmas rolls around he has had loads of gifts from everyone. A party month kind of.
Being a well prepared mum I've actually finished getting all of his presents, though I'm not too sure what he's going to get for his birthday and what he will get on christmas day!

I'm such a bargain hunter so many of these things I have got for a fraction of the cost. Some I even bought in the christmas sales last year (yep I'm one of those mums)

Max is obsessed with any thing Toy Story. His room is adorned with a duvet, soft toys and he's always asking us for the dvd on so I knew that he would be getting his own Buzz and Woody that he can have. The Rex and Mr. Potato Head just fell into my hands at the same time too.

Max has a pretty impressive Happyland collection growing and I love these characters that The Early Learning Centre have made as they promote role play and hand eye co-ordination. I've picked up the post office to add to his dinosaur and olympics sets.

Every child loves the Gruffalo and when my work put this adorable breakfast set in the sale last year at 75% off I had to snap it up! I don't think he's old enough for a china set yet but hopefully by the time his third birthday rolls around he will be making use of it.

Sesame Street is a show that Max loves so I picked him up some adorable Cookie Monster PJ's to go with his Elmo ones.

The DVD's are just there to get into the festive spirit and add to our ever expanding Disney collection.

And the scooter. I picked up this bargain from Zulily UK. One of my favourite websites that hosts deals on kids clothing, toys and accessories. But only for a few days. I snapped this up and I can't wait for Max to play on it (nanny is buying him a Mickey helmet - complete with ears! - to go with it)

I know I'm super prepared but what are you guys getting the kids/family for christmas?


  1. Hi Laura! We have so much in common! Children call Max! Similar ages, both blog and live neat each other (Im from Southampton) - My Max's birthday is on the 12th of December and mine is on the 13th :).

    Great blog by the way xxx

    1. Hey Helen! Thats amazing. I know hardly any parents that live in this area! And great choice of names ;) Max is definitely the best out there. xxx