Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. We are in a state of mass clear out and I spent most of the morning listing stuff on ebay then the rest of the day slaving away at work (I love work really) So, seeing as it's Friday I thought I would share the 6 things I'm grateful for this week.

  1. Of course number one will be Max and Scott. They have been fabulous this week (apart from the waking at 4am Max! and the lack of washing up Scott!) I don't know where I would be without these two. Some days I spend my time thinking I was more than a mum, that I was doing all these crazy things my friends have done. That I could go travelling and spend my money on what I wanted. Then I look at my screensaver and see a photo of these two and realise that my life is actually so much better with them. We can do things together, I have a future and a plan now that Max and Scott are here with me. And I can always wait until Max is 18 and off on his own to go travelling. I can take a leaf out of Hannah's mum's book and fly the nest when my babys big enough on his own. 
  2. Months ago I ordered this Fault In Our Stars limited edition print and forgot all about it until it landed in my postbox. I love it. It fit's right in the corner of my bedroom but I think I need a nice frame for it. Shame it's such a weird size I'd have to get it custom made or something. Oops, still it's a nice reminder to me that you can find the best of messages hidden away in books you don't think about. 
  3. Max is going to a birthday party on Sunday, a little girl he's been friends with since he started nursery is turning 2. I had no idea what to get her so I popped into H&M and while browsing could not refuse this top. It's awesome! I've also picked him up a liner for his Trunki and some Gruffalo skittles from Zulily (my favourite site on earth)
  4. I've been friends with Neil for years and probably have at least 10 pieces of his amazing artwork dotted around my home. When he told me he was going to make some Christmas cards of course I was going to get some. His artwork is so lovely and quirky and he also does commissions so hop right over there and check it out!
  5. I've been on a diet for as long as I can remember and honestly I've been doing okay but more often than not rubbish. I blame the stupid amount of chocolates and sweets the Olly Murs fans gave him (that he left with us in store after his signing) But I was in the mood for something sweet so whipped up some amazing low fat lemon cheesecake. I nearly ate it all. 
  6. Finally continuing from my turbulent weight, This year I have lost 2 stone. I'm hoping for 3 next year as I'm really out of shape and know exactly where I want to be. Hannah is my inspiration! If she can do it then I can! So a few days ago I treated myself to this cardigan from H&M, previously I've not fit into anything but I can get into some of it now so yay! Go me!

What things have you been grateful for this week? Also anyone watching children in need tonight? So excited!

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