Story time is my favourite time of day. And working in a book shop means that story time is nearly all day every day! (yay!)

Being a parent, I love picture books, and that's what made me create my other blog GoodnightBook. It's a collaboration of different reviews of picture books to introduce parents to new authors and exciting titles.

Every Saturday I'm going to share my favourite book of the week. And I thought what better than to start with my favourite author, Oliver Jeffers.

Floyd got his kite stuck in the tree, so he threw a shoe up to try and get it out, but that got stuck too. What happens is a rolling story about objects getting stuck and Floyd just wishing he could find a way to get his kite back. 
He takes a small idea and creates a magical moment for a child to read. There's something so great about his books that I want to read all of them. The illustrations are gorgeous and the stories are just so heartwarming. 
In this book he picks the most far-fetched objects to help knock the kite out of the tree, but of course nothing works and it ends up in a giant muddle of objects, animals and people stuck in a tree with still no way of him getting his kite back. The small child Floyd is so loveable (and incredibly strong) that your children will find it hilarious how he manages to get everything up in the tree.

You may have also seen some of Jeffers work recently for the Kinder Chocolate adverts. Which are absolutely adorable and make me want to go buy all the chocolate there is in the world.

Unfortunately chocolate keeps that mummy tummy firmly on so I think I'll leave the chocolate scoffing for Max's little tum.

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