This small human is going to be two years old soon. As in just over a week soon. We needed to plan something for his birthday as last year we just went to the aquarium. I'm not great with arts and crafts and wanted to book out the local soft play. Unfortunately they were fully booked on his birthday so we had to come up with another idea. So the new plan is to pop to his nurseries christmas fayre and then have a meal with family.

I cant believe some of the things he can do now:

  • He walks most places, he hates holding hands unless we are swinging him and loves running after dogs and footballs. 
  • He can say a phenomenal amount of words and knows how to count 1,2,3 and half of his ABC.
  • He tries to dress himself and can take off all his clothes in a flash-literally
  • He loves singing and dancing.
  • He's still got his dummy (we're working on that)
  • He still doesn't sleep through (again, working on that)
  • He loves reading books and pretend play. 
I love this little man. I honestly can't believe he's going to be 2!


  1. Happy birthday little man! A fayre and lunch with the family sounds like a perfect day. What's he getting for his Birthday? Had he asked for anything crazy?

    1. Haha, he's not asked for anything, but we've got him a scooter and some elmo/gruffalo bits.

  2. love this! little man is adorable!