1. This week we tried to have a lazy weekend, sleep for us has been scarce and we really could have done with some lazy hours playing in bed. Max wasn't having any of it and decided that he would prefer to play forts under the duvet and try and scare us pretending to be a monster. 
  2. We did however manage to sneak in a toy story marathon yesterday. We (I) wanted to go to Castlepoint and pick up a few things but it was so busy after 20 minutes of driving I couldn't find a space so admitted defeat and we curled up with hot chocolates and watched all 3 toy story movies. 
  3. Max is moving up to the next room of nursery in a couple of weeks and over these past two or three weeks I can really tell that he is ready. Not bragging but his kew workers tell us that he is one of the most intelligent kids they've had. 
  4. I had an appointment with the lovely ladies in Clinique as I really wanted a new shade of Chubby Stick to compliment the winter months. I came away with maybe more than one (3 shhhh! One is a present!) And have to say their new colour range is gorgeous. 
  5. The weather has been awful. Thankfully we haven't been on flood watch but Max is loving all the puddles and we can finally get some good use out of our wellies and rain macs. 
  6. Yesterday was my brothers birthday. I really can't believe that he is now 20, honestly I swear he's only 18 haha. We all went out for a meal today and I loved catching up with him and Max got to see his uncle who he talks about ALL the time! Also I ended up buying that jumper for Max that I posted about a few days ago (oops)

Hope you have all had a good week. 

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