Alexisonfire - 2/12/2012

Having a child means that I seem to miss out on most of the gigs I would have gone to pre parenthood. Having said that we have been to loads of gigs and festivals with Max (yes he tags along and loves it) 
Alexisonfire have always been one of my favourite bands and when they split up I was pretty bummed out, thankful that I managed to see them when I was still 8 months pregnant but with the hopes I would get to see them one more time and get to dance around without having a child kick my bladder constantly. 
When they announced that they would be playing 2 dates in London I jumped at the opportunity and scored tickets for the Sunday night, and Monday night (which I sold to a great friend of mine) A complete baby free night! 

So nanny came over and watched Max for the afternoon/evening so we could drive up to London and enjoy dinner and a lovely gig.

The gig surpassed expectations, we may have got lost on the way home but being in a gorgeous venue with people that loved the fans as much as I did was just amazing. 
I also finally scored a sweet top, most of them were old designs but I loved this one more than anything. 

I may never see Alexis again but I can guarantee to be playing them most mornings on the way to work. 

Now the next gig on my list seems to be Mcfly (woooo!)

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