I'm rubbish with crafts. I'd like to think that my skills would improve with each repin on Pinterest but that really isn't the case or I'd be the best person out there. So I try and make do with all the (lack of) skill I have to make our place pretty.

We aren't staying here for much longer, we are renting a tiny flat in Bournemouth and once Scott finishes his degree we really won't be able to afford it at all so we are moving back with his parents to be able to afford a home to buy of our own. 

I can't wait to finally own my own place and be able to do what I want with it. I hate where we live, it serves a purpose and that's about it. Also I've found that Bournemouth looks pretty but isn't that great a place to live at all. All our friends are moving away and going to Portsmouth means being surrounded by family. 

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