It's true 2013 seems to be the year that most of my friends get married. I can't help but feel jealous but so utterly happy for them. 

First off there's Aymie and Ben, I met Aymie when I was pregnant with Max and we had our babies within 12 hours of each other pretty much. When she told me that she was getting married to her boyfriend Ben I was so happy for her. She's had a shit time so to find happiness with a lovely guy is amazing. I can't wait to go to their wedding, they have a church wedding planned with a secret reception. I'm so lucky that they have asked me to be one of their photographers that I can't wait to capture their happy day. 

Secondly is another Amie! And her partner Luke. I know Amie from uni, we got on so well together that even though I took a year out we stayed firm friends. She's lucky to be having a small wedding in Florida (which we haven't been invited to) but we are invited to their reception when they get home which I'm super excited about!

I'd really love to get married, me and Scott are living together and have a child together that I feel it's the next stage but I've just got to wait and see what's going to happen. 

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