I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love buying shoes for Max! The kids shoes always seem to be more cute and cooler than anything I would buy myself. And I doubt that I could pass off these amazing bright orange numbers as well as my little man can.

I've never actually bought Max a pair of shoes from Clarks (or any other high street kids shoe shop) In all honesty they are WAY overpriced, I've just got him measured there and bought the shoes elsewhere.

Vans seem to be a firm favourite in our home, me and Scott nearly always have a pair on so it was only natural that Max started his collection early!

I find that the kids shoes are so durable, well fitting and comfy (well Max has no complaints) that they are well worth the price tag. Most of the time you can find them in sales or cheaper than the normal first shoes for kids. I also feel that they are well supportive, the physiotherapist that Max went to once about his instep even commented that they were one of the best fitting and supportive shoes she had seen for kids.


These 4 are my favourites on their web shop at the moment. The two tone ones are sat in his room in a bigger size waiting for him to fit in them. The orange ones (also pictured above) are Yo Gabba Gabba exclusives! The blue ones are classics, and we could be that family that all wear matching shoes. And the final ones have such an adorable print on them that I need them!

What shoes do you parents love for your kids?

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