Bournemouth is a gorgeous place to live, only downside is because we are right on the coast, we never normally get snow. The last big snowfall was the night that Max was born (over 2 years ago) and even then it was a mighty inch deep!
Last night I went to bed sceptical that we wouldn't get any more than a dusting. When I woke up with Max at 5am there was a full on blizzard outside and I was eating my words from the previous night. Looking online I managed to find out that nursery and uni were both cancelled. Once 8am hit Max woke up and we woke Scott up. Wolfing down breakfast we put on out warm clothes and headed into our private car park to play in the snow. It was covered with a thick white blanket and was still coming down thick and fast.
Max loved it! He was running around with glee and throwing snow at me and Scott. Max and Scott made a snowman but we forgot to bring down anything to make his face with so he sat faceless until one of the girls in the houses that adjoins the car park came and put some stuff on later. Scott also made a snow angel! Silly man got freezing cold haha. 
We didn't stay out for long though as the snow was bitterly freezing and we were in ready to have some warm cups of hot chocolate and a duvet day. Work then called to tell me not to come in as they were closing at 5pm and my shift normally starts at 4. So today has been truly lazy. Dipping in and out of the snow, making cakes, watching tv and playing with some of Max's christmas toys.
The boys are now tucked up in bed. Apparently snow really takes it out of you. And I'm now sat blogging and catching up on news. Also Scott was in our local paper. You can read the article here.

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