I have quite an obsession with a certain website. Each morning over my breakfast I'm scouring the site to see if there are any deals that catch my eye.

Zulily is a website that hosts discount price deals that last 72 hours before they are replaced with new deals. It specialises in childrens wear, toys, home items and womens wear. I've picked up some amazing deals on brand named toys and cute clothes for Max on there that when they asked me to write for them I jumped at the opportunity.

Zulily are hosting a blogger competition this month for each blogger to reveal their top three tips for photographing children along with some of your favourite photos.

Since graduating university I've actually only picked up my camera to take photos of Max (there have been a few other jobs but nothing regular) It's made me re-evaluate the way that I shoot as taking photos of toddlers is a really tricky job.

Spontaneity Is Key - I find some of my best photos of Max are taken when he is completely unaware. In his own little world or playing with daddy so that I can snap away and not have him trying to grab my camera or pulling a face because he doesn't want his photo taken. I always have either my phone or camera on me so I can snap away at any given moment. Those are the best photos as they capture life as it really is. I don't sit him down and try and do photo shoots. He has the attention span of a fly so to capture something unaware is the perfect image.

Try Something New - Sometimes I'm fed up of seeing the exact same shot of children, you know those ones in studios where they're sat on a box looking prim and proper. I know that it's hard to take a photo of Max doing something different. But I love seeing photos or framing that isn't conventional I love these two images that I've put together in a diptic, they really capture the action. And whilst I may not have caught Scott in the image fully, you can truly see the fun they are both having. 

Get Outside And Use Natural Light - I hate flash, I always have done. It might be something to do with the fact that I found it so tricky to use outside of the studio but there's something so refreshing about using natural light to make the world seem perfect. The skin tones look normal, the world looks exactly how you would see it with your own eyes. The UK sometimes isn't the brightest of places, nor is it the sunniest so you have to make do with what you can. But knowing your camera always helps.

Using all three of the points I have made you can start to capture fun and different images of your children. I know that they may not be the best ideas and may not always be the most original but it's my handy tips to remembering that you don't always need to hire a professional.

For more information and to view the Zulily deals yourself use this link.

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  1. Love, love, love photography tips! Nicely done-- happy to follow along on GFC!