I love wooden toys, though we don't have that many in our home (due to the lack of space) when we finally expand and get our own place I hope to have a nice selection of both wooden and plastic toys. I love their durability but I would never be able to get rid of Max's beloved Buzz and Woody or his trike.

I love this play kitchen and it's something that Max is obsessed with, he is always playing with our friends kids kitchens and the one at nursery. He is constantly playing with all our pots and pans making us lunch and dinner. I love that this one isn't too girly. I've found that lots of them are either pink or white and I love the bright colours and the fact it comes with lots of accessories too.

Max is big on cleaning at the moment. Every other word that comes out of his mouth seems to be brush or hoover (yep!) whilst he has a cheap toy hoover that we got from Tesco, it's already falling apart and even though this doesn't contain a hoover I think he would be more than chuffed and would love pushing it around. I'm also loving how everything has it's own place (I like organisation)
Max's fine motor skills are amazing. He loves doing puzzles, stacking blocks and anything that he can knock down and start again! I think this would be great for him as it's all about working out what balances where so things don't fall off and he can use so many combinations to try and work out this puzzle.
Probably a bit too small for Max to play with at the moment. But seeing as he loves his Happyland toy sets this would be perfect for him to play with when he gets a bit older! I love that this doesn't look like the conventional wooden house or play set and it comes with all the furniture and bits and pieces too which is a bonus. 
Max is starting to sing the alphabet (with thanks from Elmo) so this would be perfect for him to start recognising the letters with the sounds that he knows they are. I also like that it has pictures of words that begin with the letter underneath so it's a toy that can go with him for quite a long time. 
A large amount of money for a wagon you say? This one is gorgeous and would look amazing weathered or painted bright colours. We are festival goers and seeing as Max has already been to his first we have learnt that a wagon is a must have for carting around those blankets, bags, food and children whilst letting them still have a nap. This is definitely way out of our budget but I'd love one for our next festival outing. 

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