This week we are back to normality. Scott is back at uni, I am back into my normal work hours and Max is back at nursery.

We are fortunate to get the funding for Max to be in nursery 5 days a week due to student loans. This allows Scott to complete his studies, me to clean the house, work and do photography work and blogging in my spare time. Nursery has helped him socialise, excel in his language and come out with amazing things that baffle us every day.

It hurts my heart sometimes when he's in nursery and I'm tidying and getting ready for work and thinking that I'm missing out on time with him. But then I remember how much he loves it there, how small our flat is and how it will all be worth it in the end when we both have degrees and can earn a decent wage to keep us afloat.

Having a child while at uni was tough, tougher than I ever imagined. Scott is lucky to have really supportive lecturers that help him with everything from his dyslexia to his lack of concentration from sleep deprivation. My lecturers on the other hand were horrible, putting me down and tole me to quit right near the end of the course. I've come away feeling disheartened about photography but having Max has slowly reintroduced my love for it. Capturing his little quirks and moments is unforgettable.

I know I don't spend every day with him, and by the time I get home from work he's tucked up in bed but I hope he knows how much I love him and how much I love every waking moment we get to spend together (even if it is at 3am!)

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