7 things in 7 days

Some of my favourite things that have happened this past week!

1. Yes I got Beyonce tickets! I was so excited when that confirmation email came through that I called my best mate (who I'm going with) and started screaming down the phone. We've booked our hotel and can't wait to party with the queen of music herself.

2. Crafting. I'm not the best at it but I really enjoyed test driving this sharpie on a plate technique. We are going to get Max to draw on some for mothers day presents for mine and Scott's mums. 

3. Going to the theatre! I've already blogged about it but it was amazing to take Max out and enjoy something with him that I have loved my whole life. 

4. Wedding invitation are just flooding in at my door. Not for mine unfortunately, thats a long way off. But still I'm so excited to attend all of these. Definitely need to get my exercise and diet on to lose a bit more weight. 

5. Reading an amazing book. I got sent this by the lovely people at Little Brown and am absolutely loving the story. It's something that's right up my street and a review is to follow soon!

6. Life goes on. A few years ago a 'friend' screwed me over by trash talking Scott, trash talking my life and basically making me feel like the worst human on earth. It ended with me hitting them and deleting/blocking them from every thing possible. A few days ago I got tagged in a post from a 'mutual friend' saying how she was guilty and she wanted to forgive me and be my friend. Life goes on and things change. It's been too long and she won't ever be part of my life again. Grovelling gets your nowhere, especially 3 years on. 

7. This guy. He has made me laugh so much this week, especially when I've been feeling down or had a hard time. Even in the past week I've felt he's grown up so much and I'm so blessed to have him and Scott in my life. 

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  1. Your lucky with those tickets they sold out in 12 mins crazy!! Xx