Hi my name's Laura and I have a shopping addiction...for children's clothes. Thank god I have a child to wear them! Max has a very extensive wardrobe. I think it's because I prefer for him to look good than scruffy all the time. That's not to say he's not always covered in some paint, goo, gunk or some other substance that you have no idea about. I've just realised that sometimes paying a little bit more does in fact get you better quality with kids clothes.

Next and M&S are two of my favourite brands at the moment and when I found a couple of gift cards hidden in my bag I jumped at the opportunity to buy some stuff. I've just done a big clear out of his old stuff that he's either outgrown or that doesn't look right any more.

Thankfully some lovely friends wanted to buy it all off me so I sold a bit and donated the rest to Macmillian Cancer Charity. My mum works for them and they put together clothing bundles for parents that have cancer and cannot afford to buy clothes for the children. I also donated loads of nappies and toys to add to the bundles. I really love helping out with her work any way I can and since having Max I haven't been able to pop in anymore.

After snagging some jeans for Max in Next (they NEVER have his size in so I always have to wait or order) I realised that he needed some new tops as some of them were riding up quite high when he bent over. He also lives in round neck jumpers as they are so easy to whip off and layer up with things such as his rain jacket.

So I ended up getting him a Ghostbusters top and funny face jumper from Next, a camouflage jumper and camera top from M&S and who couldn't refuse this gorgeous comic relief x Stella Mccartney top from TKMaxx. All without spending a penny. And might I add all in the next size up so he can wear them loads!

I still can't believe how big he's getting. I found a top he wore when he was a few months old and compared with a top he wears now and almost cried. the top fit into the whole of the torso of the new tops! He's no longer a baby.

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