“It's strange because sometimes, I read a book, and I think I am the people in the book.” ― Stephen ChboskyThe Perks of Being a Wallflower

Books have always meant something to me. I've probably spent half my life curled up somewhere reading books over and over again for some strange reason or another. I get highlighters and pens out and note down quotes and special things that mean something to me. The books that don't mean that much to me get passed to friends and family so they can enjoy them instead. Working in a bookshop has opened my eyes to some amazing new stories and one that I think I need to share with you guys. It's hard to compile a top 5  4 but these are probably it. 

Perks is my most favourite book ever. I remember when I first picked it up nearly 8 years ago it changed my life. I was going through a terrible time and I sought comfort in it. Knowing that Charlie had felt the same. Even to this day it's still my favourite book. I've lent out 4 copies of it so the copy I have now will never leave me. It's always in my bag for when I need to read it. It's a story about growing up, about finding who you are and learning about life. The movie is awesome too. I was skeptical but the casting was perfect, the script was superb and I can't think of any more words to describe it. Read it, watch it and love it too.

It seems like everyone has read this John Green book. Reading his titles seemed like a natural progression from Perks as the writing style and the voice seems to be of a similar nature. Whilst TFiOS isn't my favourite I think that it's up there with the best. The tale of young cancer sufferers trying to make their life seem a bit more optimistic doesn't seem like the nicest of stories! I was lucky enough to get tickets to see him talk about this book and learning that it had taken him so long to write it and find the right way to convey the story meant that it is one of my top books. 

Harold Fry goes to post a letter but decides to carry on walking. This is his tale of a journey across the country trying to work out the meaning of his life and work out if his story is worthwhile and his life been fully lived. It's such a refreshing read. Whilst the story is slow in pace it feels as if you are following his journey too. It was one of the first books I read when I started at Waterstones and definitely my most recommended. 

Yes another story about a child that's different to everyone else. But this book is different. I remember picking this book up as a proof. Just being drawn into the cover and thinking that it looked different and like something that I would really love (I'm a sucker for book covers) and I wasn't wrong. The story is told from everyones point of view so you realise that it doesn't affect one person, but all his family and friends too. Not in a bad way but in a life changing one. 

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  1. I really loved Perks as well. I read it just before they announced the movie and dragged Ash to see it in the cinema, and he loved it too! I've heard a lot about John Green and will definitely get it on my Kindle next!