Room Tour

Spending this week deep cleaning the flat has made me love our lovely little place. It's rented so we can't do much to change it but I love the little touches we have. Max's room is my all time favourite. I've channelled my inner child into it so here is a little room tour. 

I love all the pictures in Max's room. Especially this Oliver Jeffers one that is framed. It's from his book 'This Moose Belongs To Me'. He also has pictures from Cars, Toy Story and Where The Wild Things Are. The tail is from a company called Tell Tails who ran a stall at Camp Bestival. Nothing there took our eye so I asked them to custom make one for him. He loves it and dressing up!

The big blue box is only half of his books, he has well over 100 crammed into his tiny room. I love picking up little bits and bobs like the Rabbit night light and the Spaceboy print. Unfortunately he has to have our internet box and the tumble dryer in his room as thats where the only space is. We got him this adorable retro scooter from Zulily for christmas and he's a little short but loves it!

We are Cath Kidston obsessives here and he loves his mini rucksack that he uses every day for nursery! Along with every other child under the age of 5 he is obsessed with soft toys and loves his Disney ones. Finally we made him a banner with his favourite quote on. 

I hope you liked the little tour of his room. 

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