Theatre is something that I love, and so are children's books so when I found out last week that one of my favourites was coming to a local theatre I jumped at the chance to take Max.

Max loves theatre as much as me, sitting in awe when he saw the Gruffalo over summer. And this adaptation reminded me of their tried and tested formula that kids know and love! Based on the book by Oliver Jeffers this play was a perfect

Stuck is the tale of Floyd who gets his kite stuck in a tree and decides to throw anything and everything up there to try and get it out (including the kitchen sink!)

The show had a cast of two and they were fantastic. They really reacted with the audience well (and when there are a bunch of 2-6yr olds it can be difficult) and Max loved singing, dancing and shouting along with the story of Floyd that he knows and loves. 

The staging was simple with the tree and some bushes and adorable cut out characters and objects that magically got stuck in the tree. Max was in awe of the giant whale that got stuck up a tree and he was shocked that orangutan had a special dance move haha. 

It's definitely a show to take your little ones too. Especially if you love Jeffers work as much as we do.

Tickets and more information can be found here.

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