Tiny Homes!


It's something that I've been thinking about more and more. Maybe not as our main home, I don't think I could live in that close proximity with Scott and Max, and I desperately want my own office space or at least a reading nook. But it's something that I would love as a second home. Or as a bit in the bottom of our garden that the kid(s) can use as a hideout or something.


I love the idea of having minimal possessions, using up minimal land space and basically sizing everything down. Houses these days can be so massive and overwhelming. I'd love to just get away from it all. Don't get me wrong I love my home comforts so a life of homesteading and living off the land is a bit too much of a stretch for me but the ideas are something I want to implement into my life, especially once we buy a place.


It's a big dream. Something that will take us years to achieve but I can't wait. I love looking at blogs online of families and people that are living in their tiny houses or using them as playhouses, offices or holiday homes.


This summer we are moving in with Scotts parents. They have a small outhouse in the bottom of their garden which me and Scotts sister plan to renovate for Max to play in. If that's successful then I know that we can build our own tiny home at some point.

Some of my favourite sites:
http://home-sweet-homestead.tumblr.com/ (not a tiny home but I love that they are building their own home off grid)

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