Today I went to London. It's rare that I get a full day away from being a mum. But today was a special day. I attended a talk by one of my favourite authors, John Green to be exact. His talk was in regards to his book The Fault In Our Stars. If you haven't read it then I highly recommend you pick it up! It's basically a story about love, loss and cancer. One that will have you laughing and crying within minutes of each other. Something that will definitely leave an impression. 

I awoke at 5am, got myself ready and got dropped of at the station for the 7:50am train (yawn!) but managed to finish my book (pretty little liars book 11) and eat some breakfast before getting to London and meeting my lovely and gorgeous friend Ginny!

Ginny is a mummy too but she's one of those mummies that I have pretty much everything in common with so we don't just sit there and talk about kids. Infact weddings were our talk today (a mutual friends- not ours!) We managed to weave our way through the streets of Victoria to find Cadogan Hall and got ourselves our free signed book and settled down along with everyone else.

It was amazing, to hear what the ideas and reasons behind the books were from John himself was just inspiring. I really want to write a kids book and I think that this gave me the spur to try it. If it fails then I can go back to it or just write it off. There's nothing to lose. Hank Green also came onstage and played us some of his songs and they did some Tuesday questions which hopefully we can see on their Vlog sometimes!

Finally we ate. We ate lots. We went to the M&M's store, the hagen daas store and had the most delicious mango sorbet drink ever! And we went to Waterstones and Ginny spent a lot of money on books (yayyy!)

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