When it comes to makeup I am rubbish. I have no idea what order things go and I normally poke my eye out with mascara on a daily basis. Having some amazing friends that love makeup however means that I am slowly learning. Maybe fashion could be the next thing to try once I master this? Above is a before and after. I'd like to think it looks okay, well okay for someone that before summer didn't use anything other than moisturiser and mascara. 

My lovely friends have taught me things and I've worked out a quick routine that I can do with a small child hanging off my leg asking to play with everything and watch Yo Gabba Gabba.  

Anyway, on my little journey into the world of beautifying myself some of my favourites have become:

  • Clinique's Anti Blemish Foundation - My skin is a mixture of dry, oily and flares up red at any given moment so I found this was one of the only foundations that actually kept the redness down and didn't make me look orange with a dry face! It's pricey but seems to last a few months which is good and means that I can save up my boots points to spend on it haha. 
  • Benefits Porefessional - I swear pretty much every beauty blog I read mentions this product at one point. Since having Max my pores are like that of a sweaty teenager and this seems to have significantly reduced the appearance of them with the makeup on. I also love the way that it's in a tiny tube so that I can keep it in my bag incase things start to go a bit pear shaped in the face department.
  • Clinique Chubby Stick - I love this, it's my must have product. Even when I do the nursery run with no makeup on I still have this on my lips. At the moment I'm loving the Curviest Caramel as it's not too bright and perfect for the winter months.
  • Soap and Glory Archery - My eyebrows are horrible and pretty patchy. I'm still getting the hang of properly doing eyebrows and I know that I need to get them properly shaped or just organised. This product however fills in those dodgy blank bits and makes them look a bit more normal. 
  • Soap and Glory Thick And Fast Mascara - I can't count the amount of mascara's I've tried that claim to do this or do that, this one seems to do the trick for me however. Along with most other people I picked it up from the xmas sales in Boots. My lashes are pretty stumpy and horrible but these actually make it look like I have eyelashes! 
All of the above gets teamed with lush moisturiser, cheap powder and eyeliner (I can't afford expensive everything! Especially with Max's wardrobe to upkeep haha)

I have loads I need to learn. I'm rubbish with makeup and I bet Scott could do a better job than me but in the meantime I need to get the hang of a few things (fake eyelashes and eyebrows) learn more about what those different brushes all do and maybe try some daring red lipstick or bright eyeshadow. 

So who wants to give me lessons in walking in heels now?

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